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TurnHero is a powerful Digital Board Gaming platform designed for playing rule-enforced online and local board games across any device.
When you want to, where you want to.

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Multi devices

Rule enforced

High performance

Unlike anything you've ever seen

Play your favorite board games with friends online. TurnHero offers a brand new board gaming experience across all devices.

"Finally a great platform!"

Asger Johansen - Plotmaker Games

Stunning sound and visuals

Games on the TurnHero platform, features beautiful sound & graphics that all adds up to a realisitic board gaming experience.

Support for any device

The TurnHero platform supports almost any device you can think of: PC, Mac, iOS, Android and more.

Artificial Intelligence

TurnHero features state-of-the-art AI based opponents that continually becomes better and better at playing any game.

Online multiplayer

Play online with your friends or meet new board gamers and start playing. Hotseat also supported.

Develop your own games

Design, build & publish your own games for the TurnHero platform. Get data-driven insights, that you can use to tweak game mechanics.

Community based testing

Utilize our large community of avid board gamers, to test out your games, before publishing.

"This is a game changer"

Snorre Krogh - Plotmaker Games

Learn as you play along

All games are rule-enforced. Together with great graphics and controls, TurnHero is a new standard for playing online & local board games.

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We constantly add new games to the platform.
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Taynikma is a co-op adventure game featuring four young heroes saving the land of Tayklania from the Emporeress and her henchman - the evil Captain Henzel. The game is based on the book series of the same name.

Game Designer or Developer?

If you're a Game Developer or Designer, you will find it very easy to develop your own games for the TurnHero Platform. This is also a great opportunity for Game Designers testing out game mechanics.

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"Best Digital Board Gaming Platform that I've ever seen!"

Asger Johansen - Plotmaker Games